New Member of My Room

April 1, 2006 at 11:42 am | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

I bought a Syrian hamster from the pet shop at Mid Valley Megamall this Thursday. It’s a male hamster and his name is Panda because he has black and white fur.

I bought all the basic things he need on the day I “pick” him. But last night I went to another pet shop to buy a bigger cage, a toilet, a bigger size spinning wheel, hay for his bedding, vitamins etc. to make him feel more comfortable.

I love animals all the time. If I have a bigger house and bigger garden, I’ll have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and a lot of animals in my house!! Hehe…

But now, I only have a room (my bedroom) for him. I’m planning to let him have a wife after few months and I’ll start the breeding.



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  1. The hamster oh…..
    Dun wan say liao…
    Always peeking me when i’m taking bath….Keep knocking the door seems wanting me to open the door for him….
    And also, he always “rolls” into my room…Doing wat leh I wander…

  2. The hamster oh…..
    His name is BB hoh…..
    Is a male hamster oh…..
    It’s usual for him to “peek” pretty gal lah…..
    You’ll get used to it someday…..
    Regarding the “rolling into your room” matter, I think he’s thinking: “Why so smelly?”

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