A New College Life

Advanced diploma course has just started. Some of the lectures are almost the same – lecturer teaches, students absorb; but some of the lectures are different – we have to do research in order to learn.

I like this kind of study method. I’m not the type of students that will attend all the lectures to learn, I like to learn myself. So, I always absent for my lectures and stay at home to study. That’s my style of learning.

Our college’s students are just too reliable on the lecture notes given by lecturers. Not to say I’m not among them, but I think we should start to learn how to prepare our own lecture notes since we’re already in the second level of the college education.

It’s happy to know that I graduated in distinction for my Diploma in Science major in Computer Science and Management Mathematics (it’s a double major course). It’s sad to know that one of my best friend couldn’t make it to the advanced year.

Now, it’ll only left 9 students in my course. Yes, 9. However, I wish 9 of us can successfully completed our advanced diploma course as well as the degree.

There are some “big” event for our advanced year. For example, a project on Computer Science subjects that we have to work as a group and a Mathematics seminar, which is an individual assignment. Although project and seminar will be occured next year, we have to start planning for them.

Few days ago, one of my lecturers told me about the Microsoft Student Ambassador program. Every year, three students will be selected to represent our college to become the MSA. Honestly speaking, I’m very interested on this program. I wish I could have a chance to learn more from Microsoft. Apart from that, I wish I could learn more and explore more on the Computer Science field.

Anyway, my new college life has just started. Hope that everything will be under control.

Let’s just pray.


4 thoughts on “A New College Life

  1. Reginabally says:

    Yeah…I’m also a bit worried about that. If we are the MSA, we have to attend workshops, courses, etc. organized by Microsoft. After that, we should also organize some events to share what we’ve learnt from Microsoft. So, see how first lar.–>

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