Blog Power – Are Blogs The New Force in Free Speech?

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Bloggers in many parts of the world have got into a lot of trouble for voicing controversial opinions on their own sites, but as long as the blogosphere continues to grow, it doesn’t look like they’ll ever be silenced.

Competitions such as the Blooker Prize just go to show how much weight the blogosphere really carries, and demonstrates how blogs have given a global voice to those who might not otherwise be able to speak freely. Blogs such as Riverbend and Salam Pax illustrate how vital blogs have become in providing a platform for free speech.

Anonymity is essential if blogs are to work safely, but how can any safety be guaranteed in a repressive regime? There’s still great risk involved in putting yourself out there. Blooker Prize judge Paul Jones told us that he wishes there was a way to embed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in every piece of software and that every country lived by those principles. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But it’s clear more has to be done to stop bloggers in certain countries from being silenced and abused for standing up for their beliefs.

Christian Hall
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Industrial Training

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What is a industrial training? It is something like internship in USA. Students are given opportunity to receive training in the real world business environment. After that, they could gain “real” experiences of their field.

Wonder why I used “real” to describe? As you know, what we’re studying in colleges / universities might not enough to equip us for the skills we need to have when we start working (in the “real” environment, of course). So, lecturers always advice students to conduct more research on their field in order to gain more knowledge. This is true.

For my case, I’ll have to receive my industrial training after the Chinese New Year (around February 2007). My first choice? Of course is Microsoft Inc. But anyway, it’s not that easy to get into Microsoft to work…I’m not sure if I’ve the “quality” to work in Microsoft though…

In case I can’t make it into Microsoft, I’ll go back to my hometown – Sandakan to work with my father and another company (IJM Corporation, a plantation and property development company). Working with two employees? Hehe…you’re right. Actually I’ll work “legally” in IJM to learn how their IT department works and at the same time, I’ll have to be their SA and programmer.

The system they’re using now is developed by a programmer from India. Their current system’s problem is: the programmer can’t get what the management wants. As a result, the system is quite messy. So, my job there is to analyze the current system and see if I could work on the proposed system. Another problem for me: I might have to work on my own without anyone’s help. God!!! I really don’t think I’ll have the skills I need to accomplish the task but I’ll try. Besides, I can’t find any reference for the plantation management system I’ll work on…

At the same time, I’m required to develop an Inventory System for my father’s supermarket. It sounds easy (as I developed a similar system before using VB6…quite outdated huh?) but I really have to do more research and learn more to sharpen my skills on both system analysis and programming.

Choosing the right database is also a problem. I’m planning to look more into MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. However, I don’t know what is the database system IJM is using currently so I’m not quite sure what methods should I use to migrate their system to mine. Anyway, this are the things that I should worried about during my industrial training in Sandakan.

So, what I can do now is research, learn, research and learn. I’ll plan what to do during my CNY period. Hehe…

Anyone has comments on this? Or you wish to give me suggestions? Welcome!!!

Convocation 22-07-2006

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22 July 2006 is one of my most important days. It was my diploma convocation day. My parents were there and I received flowers and teddy bear from my mummy.

After waited for more than 1hour, I finally received my “empty” scroll. I’m the first one in Diploma in Science to receive the scroll. Hehe…nothing special, it’s just my name was listed first on the name list.

My convocation was on morning session whereas my little sister’s was on evening session. My poor parents had to attend two sessions of the convo…

After that, we accompanied our parents to shopping. They just went back this morning. Anyway, we enjoyed these two days with our parents. And…I didn’t have the time for my own revision for tomorrow’s test (2 in a day). Phew…hope I can get a pass for both tests…

I’ve uploaded my photos on flickr. You may view them here.

Life or Death?

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What life means to you? And what death means to you?

Today, one of my friends sent me two blogs to view. Both of them pointing to the same issue: Suicide. And what coincidence, both of them posted on the same day.

For the first blog post, I really can’t figure out why the girl had to suicide. Actually, I have no idea. Second blog post, regarding an old man who suffered long for his sickness.

I felt pity for the old man. I’m sure he did really suffer a lot before he chose to end his life by jumping down from a building. I could understand why he did that. He was in the situation like “better die than live”.

But for the girl, she ended her life by using computer cables. She electrocuted herself (if I’m not mistaken). It’s so miserable…

What I wish to point out here is: I don’t get why people can simply end their lives like that. Yes, for some circumstances suicider might think they have no choice other than die. But did they think of those who’re still very concern about them? I can’t say that all of them were not thinking about their loved ones, but maybe some of them suicided because of their loved ones?

In my point of view, I think our lives are given by our parents. We can’t simply end it because of our selfishness. We have to consider our parents and our loved ones right? How cruel to leave them here feeling broken heart for you while you’re grateful because you’ve escaped from the fire.

I’ve seen many suicide cases from the newspapers everyday. Some of them I felt pity for them, but some of them I’ll feel sorry for their parents, relatives and friends. He / She broke their loved ones heart because of their selfishness or stupidity.

If I offended some of you, I’m willing to apologize here. Anyway, this is my opinion and you may disagree with it. Everyone has their own point of view right?

Happy living!!!


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I’m very busy lately. Busy for my study; busy for assignments; busy for college readings…I nearly can’t breath…

I’m very bored lately. My destination everyday would be: college, home, places to eat…

Yup, I just registered for marriage lately. So what? It’s just a procedure to allow a couple to live legally together. I desire more…

My hubby? He’s very busy too. Busy for his work; busy for his meetings; busy for his “earn money” session with his friends…He as little time for me just as I have little time for him.

I think I should find a way to balance myself, or else, I’ll become crazy.

I thought I could be so generous for letting my hubby has less time for me if I’m very busy. I’m wrong. I demand more. I’m very greedy.

I should be more considerate. This is the most critical time for him. He needs more time for his “business”. He needs my support.

Yes, I’ll give him my support. But I’m getting fed up…

I think I need a vacation…

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