I’m very busy lately. Busy for my study; busy for assignments; busy for college readings…I nearly can’t breath…

I’m very bored lately. My destination everyday would be: college, home, places to eat…

Yup, I just registered for marriage lately. So what? It’s just a procedure to allow a couple to live legally together. I desire more…

My hubby? He’s very busy too. Busy for his work; busy for his meetings; busy for his “earn money” session with his friends…He as little time for me just as I have little time for him.

I think I should find a way to balance myself, or else, I’ll become crazy.

I thought I could be so generous for letting my hubby has less time for me if I’m very busy. I’m wrong. I demand more. I’m very greedy.

I should be more considerate. This is the most critical time for him. He needs more time for his “business”. He needs my support.

Yes, I’ll give him my support. But I’m getting fed up…

I think I need a vacation…


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