Life or Death?

What life means to you? And what death means to you?

Today, one of my friends sent me two blogs to view. Both of them pointing to the same issue: Suicide. And what coincidence, both of them posted on the same day.

For the first blog post, I really can’t figure out why the girl had to suicide. Actually, I have no idea. Second blog post, regarding an old man who suffered long for his sickness.

I felt pity for the old man. I’m sure he did really suffer a lot before he chose to end his life by jumping down from a building. I could understand why he did that. He was in the situation like “better die than live”.

But for the girl, she ended her life by using computer cables. She electrocuted herself (if I’m not mistaken). It’s so miserable…

What I wish to point out here is: I don’t get why people can simply end their lives like that. Yes, for some circumstances suicider might think they have no choice other than die. But did they think of those who’re still very concern about them? I can’t say that all of them were not thinking about their loved ones, but maybe some of them suicided because of their loved ones?

In my point of view, I think our lives are given by our parents. We can’t simply end it because of our selfishness. We have to consider our parents and our loved ones right? How cruel to leave them here feeling broken heart for you while you’re grateful because you’ve escaped from the fire.

I’ve seen many suicide cases from the newspapers everyday. Some of them I felt pity for them, but some of them I’ll feel sorry for their parents, relatives and friends. He / She broke their loved ones heart because of their selfishness or stupidity.

If I offended some of you, I’m willing to apologize here. Anyway, this is my opinion and you may disagree with it. Everyone has their own point of view right?

Happy living!!!


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