Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue

August 30, 2006 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Game | 4 Comments

In this sequel of Diner Dash, Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue developed by PlayFirst Inc. brings me another excitement.The main actor of the game, Flo, is back to help her friends to rescue their restaurants from being taken over by the greedy businessman, Mr Big who plans to have a Mega Multiplex Food Plaza at the location of where Flo’s friends’ restaurants situated.

Basically, the controls are all the same as previous one. Except that there are some extra add-on for this game. There are some new kind of customers, such as families, OL (Office Ladies), Working Male with cell phones (who will talk non-stop during the dining) etc.

For family-type of customers, you need to give the babies a highchair to stop it from crying. Sometimes, the babies would spill “something-like-liquid” on the floor. So, you need to clean them. Or else, the babies will cry and all of your customers would not be happy.

Same as the previous version, there are some special treats to customers in order to make them happy. In addition to the coffee servings, there is another type of servings which is soda. Keep giving the customers drinks in order to keep them happy.

Another new feature which I find interesting is: you can add new decorations to your restaurant.

I’ve not finished this game yet. But I’ll try to pass thru all levels (if I managed to) in order to try out all the new features.

Some basic information about this game:

Game Title: Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue

Game Developer: PlayFirst Inc.

Game Type: Strategy

System Requirement:

  • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, or XPSP2
  • Pentium III 700 MHz or faster processor
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • DirectX 7.0 or later
  • 14 MB of available disk space

Presentation of ASP.NET Assignment

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What a day! What a shameful day…Actually I shouldn’t be shamed. We’ve done our best for this assignment.

No one should be blamed. Or I should say, I’m the one who have to responsible. The module that has problem is my module. I was wrong for not making sure if the module works after I submitted to my group leader.

However, it’s over now. Luckily, our lecturer gave us a chance to re-do some of the part and send to her. I think it’ll contribute a little bit of marks as bonus.

Anyway, I wish to thank my group leader and another group member for giving their best effort for this assignment to make this a success.

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

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I”m currently using Windows Live Writer (Beta) Version 1.0 (109) to post my blog posts for WordPress.com.

The good thing about using WLW is: I can insert pictures in my posts very easily. Unlike WordPress.com built in composer, I found it quite troublesome to insert picture as I can’t upload my pictures thru my laptop.

Other good thing is: I don’t need to login into WordPress.com which the connection speed is very slow (I think maybe it’s because of the number of users of WordPress.com).

I haven’t try out other features yet. But I think I won’t need it currently.

How I wish I could have a web host myself and have my own blog…Anyway, everything is under progress.

I’ll start to learn PHP after my exam. Hope I could pick it up very quickly.

What would you do?

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What would you do if you saw someone being robbed? Would you chase the robber? What would you do if you managed to catch him? Would you hit him with all your strength?

Check out this video on YouTube.

If I was there and if I’m a man, I’ll serve him with my fists and kicks. Anyway, it’s just an IF. However, I don’t encourage you to do this if you don’t have 100% confident. Your personal safety is the first. Think well before you do it. Don’t risk your life because of this. It doesn’t worth it.

Try seek for others help or call the police when you spot this kind of incident. If you’re with your gang, you might try to catch him. But, remember also: safety first. Do not risk yours and your friends’ lives.

Computer Science Education

August 26, 2006 at 1:48 pm | Posted in College Life, Life, Personal, Tech | 4 Comments

Definition of Computer Science from Wikipedia is:

Computer science, or computing science, is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems.[1][2][3] Computer science has many sub-fields; some emphasize the computation of specific results (such as computer graphics), while others (such as computational complexity theory) relate to properties of computational problems. Still others focus on the challenges in implementing computations. For example, programming language theory studies approaches to describing computations, while computer programming applies specific programming languages to solve specific computational problems.”

So basically, what we’ve learnt from our course are just some basic programming languages.

What Jeff said was right, we can’t rely on our college or lecturers for learning all of the computer science stuff.  We should explore ourselves in order to equip us with sufficient “bullets” to handle the real-world situation (i.e. our future working environment).

IMHO, colleges / universities are just places to help students build their foundation. It’s not enough even after we graduated.  Nowadays, a degree qualification doesn’t mean anything special, it’s just a prove that you’ve gone through some formal education.  So, what you have inside depends on what you’ve learnt all these while.

Sometimes I’m so sad to know that some of the computer science students are having problem with some simple computer operations.  Or maybe I should say, I’m sad to know that they chose to study computer science not because of they’re interested.  So, I can understand how they would be like this.  However, even though they’re not a computer science students, they should know and make use of some computer technologies in order to “survive” in this world.  Nowadays, emails, IM etc are so common in some working places.  Furthermore, how can you make excuses if you are really a computer science student?

For learning of low-level programming languages issue, I’m not going to give lengthly opinion.  IMHO, the reason why colleges / universities kept emphasizing of learning higher-level programming languages (such as Java, C# etc.) is because nowadays the market needs more higher-level programmers than lower-level programmers.  Please understand that writing programs in lower-level programming languages are time consuming.  And, not everybody has the ability to write programs in lower-level programming languages.  But I can’t admit that, we still need experts with lower-level programming skills.  Actually, it’s a must.  So that’s why learning of lower-level programming languages would be at Master or PhD level.

I can understand why some of the students still continue to study the courses (diploma or degree level) that they don’t actually like.  It is because they need the qualification in order to allow them to find a job.  So basically, these kind of people won’t further their studies in the same field.


Sorry for this mess.  In the end what I would like to say is: continue to learn by yourselves what you think you should know.  Education in colleges / universities is just helping you to build foundations for your field of study.  It’s not enough.  I agree with the Chinese Idioms of “Learn until the day you die” (I’m not sure if I can translate it like this).

So, instead of relying on the education system, why don’t we rely on ourselves?  Learning needs initiative that we should have in ourselves.

To those who are studying Computer Science: please equip yourself with adequate computer skills.  It’s a shame to tell people you’re a computer science students while you know little about computers.

Sorry if I hurt some of you.  Anyway, it’s just my humble opinions.

Feel free to give comments here if you agree or disagree with me.

.NET Framework 3.0 or WinFX?

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Recently, Microsoft has renamed WinFX to .NET Framework 3.0. So, lots of feedbacks have been made to this issue. Community thinks that the new name for WinFX has been very confusing. And a group of developer are petitioning to Microsoft to take back this decision.

The first time I saw the name – .NET Framework 3.0, I really thought it was the newest version of the .NET Framework. But then, I was curious because what I knew is: Microsoft has just released the actual version of .NET Framework 2.0.

For what I know, (correct me if I made mistakes) .NET Framework 2.0 is running on Win32 while WinFX is an API for developing applications for the upcoming Windows Vista. So, these two are different things!

I’m not that professional on these .net thingy, so I can’t give more comments on this. But since I’m a student learning ASP.NET which is using .NET Framework 2.0, I would suggest that Microsoft change back the name of .NET 3.0 back to WinFX to prevent confusion.

For more information on this topic, please visit InfoQ.

You may also view the petition here.

Continued with “Cheated”

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Remember my previous post about being cheated? I won this war by complaining to the NCCC (National Consumer something).

Yesterday, the pest control company’s manager called me. He wish to know the reason I complaint about them. So, I told him that I felt I was being forced to hire them for their service.

As a result, he said he could refund me the other 2 services (which due in December 2006 and September 2007) which cost RM 60. What a joy I heard that!! Finally, we settled this.

So, I felt very happy with the efficiency of the NCCC and also the pest control company. Now, I’m waiting for him to bank-in the money into my bank account. Hope I’ll get it in these two days.

Migrate from Blogger to WordPress.com

August 19, 2006 at 11:34 pm | Posted in Blogging | 1 Comment

I used to be a blogger at Blogger. I started to blog (seriously) at January 2006. I forgot the reason I chose Blogger as my first free blogsite, but I’m happy with it until I heard the word “WordPress” from my friend, Jeffrey.

I realized that I can categorize my blog posts in WordPress.com which I can’t do it at Blogger. But now Blogger has a beta version which allows you to tag your posts.

But somehow, WordPress.com doesn’t allow me to change my theme’s template. This restricts me to add some ‘extra’ features on my blog, e.g. Google adsense and other embeded services.

Anyway, I’m still happy with WordPress.com. In the near future, I might sign up a web host service and register for a domain. Then, I’ll use WordPress (currently is version 2.0 if I’m not mistaken) to write my blog and host it on my own.

I’ll make HUGE annoucements if I managed to do this. Hehe…

Lastly, I would like to thank Jeffrey for giving me so much information regarding blogging and web hosting. So now, he’s my “Guru”.

Tips on Buying and Selling at eBay

August 19, 2006 at 9:57 pm | Posted in eBay | 3 Comments

I’m neither a Powerseller at eBay nor experienced eBay seller. But I did have experience on both buying and selling at eBay. So, I’ll list out some of my tips to those who are interested on buying and selling at eBay but don’t know how to start.

Please note that I won’t teach you how to sign up for an account at eBay or how to buy / sell. Please view the Help pages at eBay. Anyway, since I’m a seller at eBay Malaysia, so my focus will be at eBay MY.

Selling at eBay MY doesn’t need you to pay fees, i.e. free to sell. But sellers and buyers are protected under eBay’s policies. If in case any fraud or scam happened, eBay will take responsibilities on their members provided they follow eBay’s rules and regulations.

If you have other questions to ask , you may post your questions on this forum hosted by eBay MY.
Okay, now it’s show time!!! (Kidding…)

Tips for Buyers

  1. Read all the descriptions on the sellers’ listing page VERY carefully. Since most (not all) sellers will include descriptions on the item such as the condition of the item (whether it’s new or used), “is this item authentic?”, payment method, shipping method etc. Failing to do so might gain misunderstanding between sellers and buyers.
  2. Before you bid on the item, please ask questions. Asking questions will decrease the chance of being cheated / scammed. Anyway, there are cases that buyers were cheated even many questions have been asked. Somehow, I still encourage buyers to ask questions before they bid to avoid misunderstanding also.
  3. In case you didn’t like the item (or you’re no longer interested on it) after you’ve bidded on the item, email the seller and ask him / her to help you cancel your bid. Or you can retract your bid here. Retracting bids are not recommended because eBay will keep track of buyers that retract bids frequently. If this happends, eBay might suspend the account of the member. (Of course, eBay might send warning letters to member beforehand.)
  4. If fraud case happens, you can report the incident to eBay in order to qualify for eBay’s Standard Purchase Protection Program. Please bear in mind that transactions outside eBay are not protected under eBay’s Buyer Protection policies.
  5. There are some tips on how to prevent frauds. You may view it here.
  6. Finally, make good use of the feedback system. Some (but not all) sellers with zero or little feedbacks are dangerous to deal with.

Tips for Sellers

  1. Include all necessary descriptions on your listing as detail as possible. Descriptions that you should include: describe your items by giving suitable titles, descriptions, dimensions, weight, etc.; starting price of the item; payment methods accepted; shipping methods you would use; and finally, some terms and conditions to the buyers (e.g. refund policy).
  2. Try to design you listing page to be more viewable. As this would attract buyers’ attention when they first see your page. First impression is very important. You may do this by using some HTML tags when you’re posting. (You may learn HTML here)
  3. If you feel that the bidder of your listing is suspiscious, you may cancel his / her bid here. But please note that not all bidders with zero feedbacks (a.k.a. newbie) are all joybidders (buyers that bidded on the item but will not pay after won). All of the eBay’s members are all start with zero feedbacks. Try to email the ‘newbie’ to make sure if he / she really interested on buying your item. Giving chances to newbie doesn’t hurt much isn’t it?
  4. In case joybidder case happens, you may file a Unpaid Item Dispute to eBay. After that, eBay will send ‘friendly’ email to the winning bidder reminding them to pay for your item. You can only file this report 7 days after your auction ended. If you’ve waited too long after you’ve filed the report, you may end the dispute and request for a refund Final Value Credit fee (if you’re listing on eBay paid sites such as eBay US, eBay UK etc).
  5. Becareful not to sell to the ‘known’ scammers. Those ‘known’ scammers are normally from these countries: Romania and Nigeria. These scammers normally would bid very high value on your item and they would offer to send you US Dollars by Western Union. That’s why eBay doesn’t allow Western Union to be used as a type of payment method. This is because the scammers would send you a fault email containing a confirmation notice from Western Union that the payment has been sent to you.
  6. Don’t overcharge or undercharge your shipping and handling fees. Shipping and handling fees including postages, materials (envelopes, boxes) used to pack the item, other fees such as insurance as well as your transportation fees to the post office (if applies). Charge carefully as buyers wouldn’t happy to pay more than needed. To prevent misunderstanding, you may need to email buyers and explain to them why you charge this value for shipping and handling fees. Undercharging your shipping and handling fees is also not a good idea since this will lower your profit. You may also try to offer free shipping while setting your starting bid of your item higher in order to cover your expenses.
  7. Reply to all the questions asked by potential buyers. Try to answer all the questions no matter how ‘unreasonable’ the questions are. Try to be polite and thankful to the buyers for having interest on your item as well. This will gives the buyers a good impression of yourself.
  8. Contact the winning bidders as soon as the auction ended. Include all the necessary details in your email containing the summary of the auction (item title, item number, price of the item after auction, shipping charges). Besides that, you might as well give buyers your bank account information if the buyers choose to pay you by bank transfer / deposit into your account. If you accept personal cheque as a type of payment mode, tell the buyers that you have to confirm for the cheque to be cleared before you send out the item. Thank the buyers at the end of your email and hoping you’ll have chances to deal with them in the future.
  9. After confirming receive of the payment, you may start to pack your item. For tips on packing items, you may view them here and here.
  10. After sending the item, provide the tracking number (if any) to your buyers. Or else, you might just tell them that you’ve sent the item. It’s your responsibilities to ensure that the item has arrived to the buyers safely. It’s your choice whether to refund to the buyers if the items don’t arrive or broken once the buyers received it. But sellers are recommended to refund to the buyers if any investigation has taken and knowing that the buyers are telling the truth.

Phew… after all those long words, I might suggest you to take a break or make yourself a cup of your favourite drinks.

You might wonder why I give more tips on sellers compared to buyers. The answer is very simple: I sell more than I buy at eBay. Simple? 😛

If you wish to know more, there are some volunteer helper at eBay forums. Most of them are experienced sellers (more experienced than me) and willing to help newbies. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any doubt. But before that, please search thru the board for threads that related to your questions.

You could as well email me your questions, I’ll try my best to help you if I can. In case there are questions that I can’t answer, I’ll redirect you to another valuable resources.

Finally, happy selling and buying at eBay!!!


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As what I’ve learnt from Psychology class, Egocentrism is in the Piaget’s stage of Formal Operations (at about age of 11 or 12). It can be defined as “Press for acceptance of their logic without recognizing exceptions”, i.e. egocentric thought.

So, people who are egocentric are very difficult to be with.  And this happens in my course.

In my humble opinion, every person would have their own social cycle.  Not to say that the person will maintain the same social cycles throughout their lives as people change easily.

As you can see in the college, students are walking around, eating as well as study in a group.  This ‘group’ might be their social cycle.  The characteristics of the social cycle might be: they share the same interests, they can cope with each other easily, they encourage each other, etc.

I have a social cycle which I like (at least at this moment).  I have friends sharing same interests with me (of course not all) , we can work with each other in assignments / discussions very well and the most importantly, we have the same thoughts in some situation.

So what happen to those who are not in the social cycle?  Are they alienated?  I really can’t give comments on this.  What I can say is: everyone has their own social cycles with friends that they think are “suitable” for them.  Those who are not suitable might be the one I mentioned, egocentric.

I think egocentric people might not open-minded.  They always think that other people should act like this or shouldn’t act like that.  Anyway, every person would have their own choices.  Some might not bother how others think about them.

Lastly after all these messy words, I have something like to tell those egocentric people:  Don’t think that something happened is definite, there might be some exceptions.  Don’t blame those who alienated you.  You should think what’s in you that makes you not in their social cycle.  As I said, due to the characteristics of the social cycle, you can’t force people to be good with you just because you’re “innocent”.

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