I’m cheated!!!

All because of my stupidity…and all because of I don’t know how to reject…

These guys from a pest control service company came to my house few times offering pest control service to me. I rejected them for the first time and I thought it’s the end of the story.

Today, the other guy came. This time, I can’t reject him because he seemed like a bit of “barbarian”. He told me, “All of the residents here have hired us to service them. If you’re not willing to pay, you’ll be responsible for what happen next!” What he meant is, if anything happens (most probably pointing to denggi) it’s a lost for me for not hiring them!

What the…I’ve no choice but to pay…I’m so regret now…One of my friends told me they’re illegal to ask for payment for this service (unless I hired them myself).

Oh!!! Why am I so stupid? To take my revenge on them, I’ve filled a complaint with the Federal of Consumer Rights. Other than that, I’ve sent emails to leading local Chinese newspapers.

Now, I’m waiting for the next service. They promised me 3 services (including today) per year for RM90. Next service would be 4 months after today. If they’re not coming…I’ll call to the office (but I’m not sure if they can survive until that day). Don’t want to come? I’ll call the office everyday until the phone explode!!!

What to do with my stupidity? Learn from experience? Hm…But anyway, beware…


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