As what I’ve learnt from Psychology class, Egocentrism is in the Piaget’s stage of Formal Operations (at about age of 11 or 12). It can be defined as “Press for acceptance of their logic without recognizing exceptions”, i.e. egocentric thought.

So, people who are egocentric are very difficult to be with.  And this happens in my course.

In my humble opinion, every person would have their own social cycle.  Not to say that the person will maintain the same social cycles throughout their lives as people change easily.

As you can see in the college, students are walking around, eating as well as study in a group.  This ‘group’ might be their social cycle.  The characteristics of the social cycle might be: they share the same interests, they can cope with each other easily, they encourage each other, etc.

I have a social cycle which I like (at least at this moment).  I have friends sharing same interests with me (of course not all) , we can work with each other in assignments / discussions very well and the most importantly, we have the same thoughts in some situation.

So what happen to those who are not in the social cycle?  Are they alienated?  I really can’t give comments on this.  What I can say is: everyone has their own social cycles with friends that they think are “suitable” for them.  Those who are not suitable might be the one I mentioned, egocentric.

I think egocentric people might not open-minded.  They always think that other people should act like this or shouldn’t act like that.  Anyway, every person would have their own choices.  Some might not bother how others think about them.

Lastly after all these messy words, I have something like to tell those egocentric people:  Don’t think that something happened is definite, there might be some exceptions.  Don’t blame those who alienated you.  You should think what’s in you that makes you not in their social cycle.  As I said, due to the characteristics of the social cycle, you can’t force people to be good with you just because you’re “innocent”.


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