Jay Chou – Still Fantasy

September 6, 2006 at 12:22 pm | Posted in Music | 19 Comments

I’m currently been attracted by this album because of one song: Qian Li Zhi Wai (1000 Miles Away). In this song, Jay invited popular veteran vocalist Fei Yu Ching on board for a special duet that contrasts traditional and modern vocals.

The duet was penned by Jay’s long-time collaborator Fang Wen Shan and broadcast by over 50 stations during the first day of its release. What’s more, Jay has made sure that his new work will not only be a feast for the ears, but also for the eyes. He spent over 2 million dollars to elaborately recreate his own nostalgic Broadway-style street.

I personally really like his songs with Chinese instruments to add into the elements of his music.

This time, Jay Chou takes the Mandarin music scene to another audio-visual high with Still Fantasy.

Jay Chou - Still Fantasy



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  1. broadway-style street..hmm. i actually thought tat his album’d be more to rap.. but there’r a few sad ones also. haha. but this album shud do fine.

  2. Jay is The Best!!

  3. dis is so gud, i bought it yesterday,didn’t do any humwork, just listened to his album…
    he is the best of the best

  4. yeahhh he has some pretty good music. i just wish he wouldn’t mumble so much.

  5. JayChou!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jay is the best…i love he so much..i have all ur album n ep but the 寻找周杰伦 ep lost edi…i wish jay can come u kl n go to meet him…

  7. Haha! I hope Jay will come here soon so that you can meet him personally. ;P

  8. jay rocks to the maxx.. love him so so so mucchhh..!!!

  9. jayyyyy …… love u

  10. i personally like jielun alot..erm..all his albums is nice..the before one is great..the latest one>>>stil fantasy especially the ‘qian li zhi wai’ song is very touching..in the mv itself i can feel the meaning in the song..love it so much,another one of it ye de di qi zhang…this song ^^ i love de background music in it..suits de song alot..brings a sense of mysterious..jay chou rox!!!

  11. tui chu this song has actually bring back my spirit & faith in live after separated from my bf of less than 24 hours…i wish him happiness

  12. i love ittttttt this album. i think every Jayzhou’s album are perfect hahahahaa 😀

  13. i love jay forever and ever..i’ll support you until the end..you’re the best!!!i love love love it..all your album..


  15. yeahhhhh…..jay forever
    nice music

  16. support u alwayz ,jay chou

  17. Jay….i wil always support u!!!

  18. waiting for next ablum“““““““`

    supportinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg uuuuuuuuu

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