It’s Finally Over…

September 20, 2006 at 11:25 am | Posted in College Life, Life, Personal | Leave a comment

Wow!!! It’s finally over!!! Hm…No big deal.  Yesterday (19/9/2006) was the last day for my exam!

Think of it: I have 5 subjects this semester.  I have to sit for exam for both Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Science paper.  So, 5 X 2 = 10!!!  I took both papers (for one subject) in one day!  Consider the stress I was facing.

But now, I’m free!!!  Ok, let’s plan of what I’ll do for this semester break.

  1. Continue my Japanese class. (It’s been few months since my last class.  I’m too busy for it)
  2. Learn PHP.  (Yeah, as I mentioned before, I wish to host blogs on my own)
  3. Do some research for my Imagine Cup. (Oh! I never mention this right? I will…In the near future)
  4. Sleep. (My all-time favourite!)
  5. Play computer games. (Which? The Sims 2 and probably will re-replay Diablo II)
  6. Play PS games.  (Which? Final Fantasy XII.  But I’m waiting for the release of US or Europe version.  I’m truly bad in Japanese since I’m just a beginner. :p)

Anything else I missed?  Never mind.  I always changed my mind.  So, are you having holidays now?  What would you do?

Oh by the way,  I realised that I’ve been on the list of “Blog of the Day” and Growing Blog by   Thank you very much visitors / guests!  It’s you that make my blog appear on the list.  Muaks!


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