September 25, 2006 at 3:33 pm | Posted in eBay, Life, Personal | 10 Comments

I’ve encountered another buyer insisting on paying less on the agreed price of the item that she won. As stated on my listing, I don’t accept bargains. That’s why I’ve included this term on my listing: “Please ask questions before you bid to avoid misunderstanding.”

Consider this: I’m selling a second hand novel which is very new and looked like never read before. I’m selling it in a very low price. So this buyer refused to pay the agreed price and asked for bargain on the shipping charges. Oh man!!! What a buyer!

I’ve replied to her emails very politely (which she thinks I’m rude to her) indicating that I can’t accept her bargain since this is my policy as a seller. In the end, she asked me to cancel the transaction and said I’m rude to her. Oh my!!!

I’ve no choice but to help her cancel her transaction. By the way, I’ve checked her feedback. She had two similar cases with the other sellers. So that means she has bad records before. So I don’t need to feel sorry for her.

In the mean time, I’ve contacted eBay MY’s Support for this issue. Hope they could give me some professional advise.

Do you think I’m too strict on this?



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  1. No way. You’re not strict at all. It is you selling the goods at already lowered prices. Unless you’re making a multi-billion dollar rip-off profit from this transaction, you are not being strict.

  2. Thanks, Raven. You made me feel better. :p

  3. I don’t think you were strict and you did the right thing. As ebay says if you win, its a contract. Sometimes, if I see potentially problematic buyers based on feedback or any negative feedback, I block them. I’d rather lose a sale than deal with the stress after that. GOod luck on ebay! 🙂

  4. Thanks tuktoyaktuk. I accept your suggestion. Maybe next time I’ll review the bidder’s feedback before I sell to them. :p

  5. I’m not an ebayer, but even I know that when you agree to bid for that price, you don’t bargain afterwards. That’s just courtesy.

  6. Thank you for your understanding, MisSmall.

  7. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the matter, : ) when someone chooses to buy or bid, they are agreeing to what is stated in the ad, to think otherwise is a major mistake on their part, and any good Ebayer knows-ask before you bid or buy, good luck, here via BM, : )

  8. Barbarian Buyer

    I’m very sad of receiving my very first negative feedback at eBay MY. This barbarian buyer has left me a negative feedback for accusing me being rude to her.
    I have proof (my emails to her) that I was very polite all along the way. This is so u…

  9. I use eBay Australia quite often as a buyer and as a seller. I never did encounter these issues over here. Everyone here I guess knows how does an auction works.

    Then again, the users in Malaysia might have not fully grasp the concept on how eBay actually works despite alternative auction sites like Lelong being in Malaysia for quite a while. Users like the ones you faced just think that it’s like a pasar malam where you can negotiate the price.

  10. Maybe they think auction (Lelong) is a market place for you to buy cheap things and bargain. But I think I shouldn’t be sad for this since it’s only 1 negative feedback out of my 41 positives. I shouldn’t mind with these barbarian buyers. :p

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