The Sims 2

September 27, 2006 at 12:48 am | Posted in Game | 7 Comments

Good news! Some of you might have known that The Sims 2 will have a new expansion called “Pets”!

I’ve been playing this series of games since The Sims 1.   I’ve installed all the expansion pack for The Sims 1, i.e. Vacation, SuperStar, Hot Date, Makin Magic etc (not according to the release date).  And I’m very enjoy playing both of the series.

It’s fun to see your sims grow up and aging (only applies to The Sims 2) from babies to infants, from infanst to children, from children to teens, from teens to adults, from adults to elders and finally from elders to…ghost!

Besides, I like to download customized residential lots, objects, clothings etc from some of the websites.  I often download these interesting items from The Sims Resource and  ModTheSims2.

Some of the contents of The Sims Resource needs you to subscribe to their service in order to download.  But there are also a number of “thumbs up” freebies for you.  Other than that, as a free member you can accumulate some points (Kudos points) to exchange some special downloads.  For an overview of The Sims Resource, you may view it here.

On the other hand, ModTheSims2 provides free downloads for all members.  They even have many game mods for you to download.  For me, I prefer ModTheSims2 because it’s free and it has more download (free of course) compared to The Sims Resource.  For more information regarding ModTheSims2, you may view it here.

I’ll post up new links for download of The Sims 2 if I found any.  By the way, last week was the first time I got my sims parents gave birth to twins!  Hurray!!!  But what a sweat to take care of the two girl babies…And hey, I forgot to snapshot it! Stupid me…Maybe I was too excited.



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  1. Yup the Sims2 rules. Pity my computer these days can’t handle it. I’d love to make huge families and family trees. I have the Sims2 on playstation2 though.. but it doesn’t have the ageing. It’s actually rather rubbish compared to the PC version. Suppose I’ll just have to live with the original Sims with expansion packs..

  2. OMG No! Run away from this game! Run like a plague! It will hook you up to a different realm and you can’t escape! 😛

  3. Hahaha! Oskar Syahbana, you’re so funny. I bet you’re a super fans of The Sims series huh?

  4. Try the Triplets & Quads hack + Legacy Challenge…

    I’m looking forward to the Sims 2 Pets!

  5. Hawwwwwwwww… if only I could go back to those good old days of playing The Sims 1 with all of my wonderful expansion packs slowing the thing down! 😀

  6. hey i have sims 2 pets already its so much fun

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