Barbarian Buyer

September 26, 2006 at 12:14 pm | Posted in eBay, Life, Personal | 3 Comments

I’m very sad of receiving my very first negative feedback at eBay MY. This barbarian buyer has left me a negative feedback for accusing me being rude to her.

I have proof (my emails to her) that I was very polite all along the way. This is so unreasonable. Now, I’m finding ways to get rid of my negative feedback.

How could this kind of person live on this earth? How could she be one of my buyers?



September 25, 2006 at 3:33 pm | Posted in eBay, Life, Personal | 10 Comments

I’ve encountered another buyer insisting on paying less on the agreed price of the item that she won. As stated on my listing, I don’t accept bargains. That’s why I’ve included this term on my listing: “Please ask questions before you bid to avoid misunderstanding.”

Consider this: I’m selling a second hand novel which is very new and looked like never read before. I’m selling it in a very low price. So this buyer refused to pay the agreed price and asked for bargain on the shipping charges. Oh man!!! What a buyer!

I’ve replied to her emails very politely (which she thinks I’m rude to her) indicating that I can’t accept her bargain since this is my policy as a seller. In the end, she asked me to cancel the transaction and said I’m rude to her. Oh my!!!

I’ve no choice but to help her cancel her transaction. By the way, I’ve checked her feedback. She had two similar cases with the other sellers. So that means she has bad records before. So I don’t need to feel sorry for her.

In the mean time, I’ve contacted eBay MY’s Support for this issue. Hope they could give me some professional advise.

Do you think I’m too strict on this?

It’s Finally Over…

September 20, 2006 at 11:25 am | Posted in College Life, Life, Personal | Leave a comment

Wow!!! It’s finally over!!! Hm…No big deal.  Yesterday (19/9/2006) was the last day for my exam!

Think of it: I have 5 subjects this semester.  I have to sit for exam for both Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Science paper.  So, 5 X 2 = 10!!!  I took both papers (for one subject) in one day!  Consider the stress I was facing.

But now, I’m free!!!  Ok, let’s plan of what I’ll do for this semester break.

  1. Continue my Japanese class. (It’s been few months since my last class.  I’m too busy for it)
  2. Learn PHP.  (Yeah, as I mentioned before, I wish to host blogs on my own)
  3. Do some research for my Imagine Cup. (Oh! I never mention this right? I will…In the near future)
  4. Sleep. (My all-time favourite!)
  5. Play computer games. (Which? The Sims 2 and probably will re-replay Diablo II)
  6. Play PS games.  (Which? Final Fantasy XII.  But I’m waiting for the release of US or Europe version.  I’m truly bad in Japanese since I’m just a beginner. :p)

Anything else I missed?  Never mind.  I always changed my mind.  So, are you having holidays now?  What would you do?

Oh by the way,  I realised that I’ve been on the list of “Blog of the Day” and Growing Blog by   Thank you very much visitors / guests!  It’s you that make my blog appear on the list.  Muaks!

My Chinese Blog at Blogger

September 11, 2006 at 11:11 pm | Posted in Blogging, Personal | Leave a comment

I’ve started another blog in Chinese at Blogger Beta.  The purpose of setting up this blog is: I wish to have a Chinese blog and, I wish to test the new features provided by Blogger Beta.

Well, I think I should allocate more time for blogging since I need to maintain 3 blogs including this one.

If you could read Chinese, I welcome you to drop by and give comments.


Presentation of ASP.NET Assignment

August 30, 2006 at 1:54 pm | Posted in College Life, Personal | Leave a comment

What a day! What a shameful day…Actually I shouldn’t be shamed. We’ve done our best for this assignment.

No one should be blamed. Or I should say, I’m the one who have to responsible. The module that has problem is my module. I was wrong for not making sure if the module works after I submitted to my group leader.

However, it’s over now. Luckily, our lecturer gave us a chance to re-do some of the part and send to her. I think it’ll contribute a little bit of marks as bonus.

Anyway, I wish to thank my group leader and another group member for giving their best effort for this assignment to make this a success.

Computer Science Education

August 26, 2006 at 1:48 pm | Posted in College Life, Life, Personal, Tech | 4 Comments

Definition of Computer Science from Wikipedia is:

Computer science, or computing science, is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems.[1][2][3] Computer science has many sub-fields; some emphasize the computation of specific results (such as computer graphics), while others (such as computational complexity theory) relate to properties of computational problems. Still others focus on the challenges in implementing computations. For example, programming language theory studies approaches to describing computations, while computer programming applies specific programming languages to solve specific computational problems.”

So basically, what we’ve learnt from our course are just some basic programming languages.

What Jeff said was right, we can’t rely on our college or lecturers for learning all of the computer science stuff.  We should explore ourselves in order to equip us with sufficient “bullets” to handle the real-world situation (i.e. our future working environment).

IMHO, colleges / universities are just places to help students build their foundation. It’s not enough even after we graduated.  Nowadays, a degree qualification doesn’t mean anything special, it’s just a prove that you’ve gone through some formal education.  So, what you have inside depends on what you’ve learnt all these while.

Sometimes I’m so sad to know that some of the computer science students are having problem with some simple computer operations.  Or maybe I should say, I’m sad to know that they chose to study computer science not because of they’re interested.  So, I can understand how they would be like this.  However, even though they’re not a computer science students, they should know and make use of some computer technologies in order to “survive” in this world.  Nowadays, emails, IM etc are so common in some working places.  Furthermore, how can you make excuses if you are really a computer science student?

For learning of low-level programming languages issue, I’m not going to give lengthly opinion.  IMHO, the reason why colleges / universities kept emphasizing of learning higher-level programming languages (such as Java, C# etc.) is because nowadays the market needs more higher-level programmers than lower-level programmers.  Please understand that writing programs in lower-level programming languages are time consuming.  And, not everybody has the ability to write programs in lower-level programming languages.  But I can’t admit that, we still need experts with lower-level programming skills.  Actually, it’s a must.  So that’s why learning of lower-level programming languages would be at Master or PhD level.

I can understand why some of the students still continue to study the courses (diploma or degree level) that they don’t actually like.  It is because they need the qualification in order to allow them to find a job.  So basically, these kind of people won’t further their studies in the same field.


Sorry for this mess.  In the end what I would like to say is: continue to learn by yourselves what you think you should know.  Education in colleges / universities is just helping you to build foundations for your field of study.  It’s not enough.  I agree with the Chinese Idioms of “Learn until the day you die” (I’m not sure if I can translate it like this).

So, instead of relying on the education system, why don’t we rely on ourselves?  Learning needs initiative that we should have in ourselves.

To those who are studying Computer Science: please equip yourself with adequate computer skills.  It’s a shame to tell people you’re a computer science students while you know little about computers.

Sorry if I hurt some of you.  Anyway, it’s just my humble opinions.

Feel free to give comments here if you agree or disagree with me.

Continued with “Cheated”

August 20, 2006 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Life, Personal | Leave a comment

Remember my previous post about being cheated? I won this war by complaining to the NCCC (National Consumer something).

Yesterday, the pest control company’s manager called me. He wish to know the reason I complaint about them. So, I told him that I felt I was being forced to hire them for their service.

As a result, he said he could refund me the other 2 services (which due in December 2006 and September 2007) which cost RM 60. What a joy I heard that!! Finally, we settled this.

So, I felt very happy with the efficiency of the NCCC and also the pest control company. Now, I’m waiting for him to bank-in the money into my bank account. Hope I’ll get it in these two days.


August 14, 2006 at 9:37 pm | Posted in Life, Personal | 1 Comment

I’m cheated!!!

All because of my stupidity…and all because of I don’t know how to reject…

These guys from a pest control service company came to my house few times offering pest control service to me. I rejected them for the first time and I thought it’s the end of the story.

Today, the other guy came. This time, I can’t reject him because he seemed like a bit of “barbarian”. He told me, “All of the residents here have hired us to service them. If you’re not willing to pay, you’ll be responsible for what happen next!” What he meant is, if anything happens (most probably pointing to denggi) it’s a lost for me for not hiring them!

What the…I’ve no choice but to pay…I’m so regret now…One of my friends told me they’re illegal to ask for payment for this service (unless I hired them myself).

Oh!!! Why am I so stupid? To take my revenge on them, I’ve filled a complaint with the Federal of Consumer Rights. Other than that, I’ve sent emails to leading local Chinese newspapers.

Now, I’m waiting for the next service. They promised me 3 services (including today) per year for RM90. Next service would be 4 months after today. If they’re not coming…I’ll call to the office (but I’m not sure if they can survive until that day). Don’t want to come? I’ll call the office everyday until the phone explode!!!

What to do with my stupidity? Learn from experience? Hm…But anyway, beware…

PC Fair II 2006

August 14, 2006 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Personal, Tech | Leave a comment

PIKOM’s PC Fair II 2006 has been held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 11 – 13 August 2006. I went there on the last day (Sunday).

As expected, people are crowded in Suria KLCC (shopping centre) as well as the exhibition halls. My husband and I hardly couldn’t walk as how we’d walk as usual (we walk swiftly normally).

If I’m not mistaken, there are 3 conference rooms and 5 halls allocated for the exhibition. Popular exhibitors (which were also expected) are Toshiba (my favourite), Sony, Acer, Asus, MSI, Intel, NVidia, Altec Lansing, Creative, etc.

My purpose of going there was very simple: I haven’t been to any PC Fair before. I’m not kidding, this is my first time and I’m looking forward for more chances.

But the only thing I don’t like about going to these kinds of fair is: it’s too crowded! I didn’t even have a chance to have a peek on the apple’s products (iMac, MacBook etc).

The things that I bought was 100pcs of CD-R and DVD+R. Funny huh? Well, I planned to “upgrade” my husband’s desktop (which I mainly used for ASP.NET assignments) by adding a 512MB DDR-RAM and a 80GB harddisk to it. But then, I failed to do so because my hubby wants to setup a new desktop for me in the near future (when?).

The specification would be roughly like this:

  • Intel Core2 Duo processor
  • 256MB DDR2-RAM PCI-Express Graphic Card (don’t have specific choice, any suggestion?)
  • 19″ LCD Monitor
  • 200GB Harddisk

As I mentioned, the specification would be roughly like that. Haha…see how long I’ve to wait in order to get it.

Feeling Unsecure

August 4, 2006 at 12:36 pm | Posted in Life, Personal | Leave a comment

To tell you honestly, I’ve been disappointed (now more disappointed) by the Malaysian Government since around my age of 14. Don’t ask me why I think like this, I don’t want to make useless complaints now.

All these years, I’ve been thinking of migrating to other countries. But yet, I chose to stay down. I stayed down because this is my homeland. I really don’t wish this sort of things happen in our country. How I wish we could have a change for this country?

What can we do? Vote for another government? Can we? Are we allowed to do so? I don’t think this would work.

Apart from blaming all authorities, we should also make sure they’re doing their work as they promised.

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