Industrial Training

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What is a industrial training? It is something like internship in USA. Students are given opportunity to receive training in the real world business environment. After that, they could gain “real” experiences of their field.

Wonder why I used “real” to describe? As you know, what we’re studying in colleges / universities might not enough to equip us for the skills we need to have when we start working (in the “real” environment, of course). So, lecturers always advice students to conduct more research on their field in order to gain more knowledge. This is true.

For my case, I’ll have to receive my industrial training after the Chinese New Year (around February 2007). My first choice? Of course is Microsoft Inc. But anyway, it’s not that easy to get into Microsoft to work…I’m not sure if I’ve the “quality” to work in Microsoft though…

In case I can’t make it into Microsoft, I’ll go back to my hometown – Sandakan to work with my father and another company (IJM Corporation, a plantation and property development company). Working with two employees? Hehe…you’re right. Actually I’ll work “legally” in IJM to learn how their IT department works and at the same time, I’ll have to be their SA and programmer.

The system they’re using now is developed by a programmer from India. Their current system’s problem is: the programmer can’t get what the management wants. As a result, the system is quite messy. So, my job there is to analyze the current system and see if I could work on the proposed system. Another problem for me: I might have to work on my own without anyone’s help. God!!! I really don’t think I’ll have the skills I need to accomplish the task but I’ll try. Besides, I can’t find any reference for the plantation management system I’ll work on…

At the same time, I’m required to develop an Inventory System for my father’s supermarket. It sounds easy (as I developed a similar system before using VB6…quite outdated huh?) but I really have to do more research and learn more to sharpen my skills on both system analysis and programming.

Choosing the right database is also a problem. I’m planning to look more into MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. However, I don’t know what is the database system IJM is using currently so I’m not quite sure what methods should I use to migrate their system to mine. Anyway, this are the things that I should worried about during my industrial training in Sandakan.

So, what I can do now is research, learn, research and learn. I’ll plan what to do during my CNY period. Hehe…

Anyone has comments on this? Or you wish to give me suggestions? Welcome!!!


Convocation 22-07-2006

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22 July 2006 is one of my most important days. It was my diploma convocation day. My parents were there and I received flowers and teddy bear from my mummy.

After waited for more than 1hour, I finally received my “empty” scroll. I’m the first one in Diploma in Science to receive the scroll. Hehe…nothing special, it’s just my name was listed first on the name list.

My convocation was on morning session whereas my little sister’s was on evening session. My poor parents had to attend two sessions of the convo…

After that, we accompanied our parents to shopping. They just went back this morning. Anyway, we enjoyed these two days with our parents. And…I didn’t have the time for my own revision for tomorrow’s test (2 in a day). Phew…hope I can get a pass for both tests…

I’ve uploaded my photos on flickr. You may view them here.


July 8, 2006 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Life, Personal | 2 Comments

I’m very busy lately. Busy for my study; busy for assignments; busy for college readings…I nearly can’t breath…

I’m very bored lately. My destination everyday would be: college, home, places to eat…

Yup, I just registered for marriage lately. So what? It’s just a procedure to allow a couple to live legally together. I desire more…

My hubby? He’s very busy too. Busy for his work; busy for his meetings; busy for his “earn money” session with his friends…He as little time for me just as I have little time for him.

I think I should find a way to balance myself, or else, I’ll become crazy.

I thought I could be so generous for letting my hubby has less time for me if I’m very busy. I’m wrong. I demand more. I’m very greedy.

I should be more considerate. This is the most critical time for him. He needs more time for his “business”. He needs my support.

Yes, I’ll give him my support. But I’m getting fed up…

I think I need a vacation…


June 14, 2006 at 9:13 pm | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment

To you, Chih Thir,

It’s sad and disappointed to know that one of my best friends really cannot make it to the advanced diploma year. I don’t know what he’s going to do and where he’s going to…But I hope he’ll have a better life.

We’ve been coursemates for two years; we’ll always be together to discuss computer games, programming, etc.

Sometimes he’s talkative but sometimes he’s quiet, he’ll just sit around us and listen.

Anyway, I do hope in the future we’ll have chances to see him more often or at least chat with him online more often because I’ll definitely miss him often.

KL International MotorShow 2006 (26 May – 4 June 2006)

June 10, 2006 at 10:54 am | Posted in Personal, Tech | Leave a comment

Well, an event that you would expect to see great cars, crowded people and of course, pretty and sexy Show Girl.

I attended this great show on last weekend. It’s really an unforgettable experience ( some kind of primary school composition?) since this is the first time I went to see a MotorShow.
I’ve taken some photos of cars and the show girls. But in the end when I came to the “VIP” cars exhibition hall, my phone went out of battery…So, I missed some valuable photos of Ferrarri, Porche, Mercedez Benz, BMW etc.
I’m considering to share my photos somewhere else so that everyone can view it (although there are professionals that already uploaded their photos). I’ll update this post after I uploaded my photos.

New Member of My Room

April 1, 2006 at 11:42 am | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

I bought a Syrian hamster from the pet shop at Mid Valley Megamall this Thursday. It’s a male hamster and his name is Panda because he has black and white fur.

I bought all the basic things he need on the day I “pick” him. But last night I went to another pet shop to buy a bigger cage, a toilet, a bigger size spinning wheel, hay for his bedding, vitamins etc. to make him feel more comfortable.

I love animals all the time. If I have a bigger house and bigger garden, I’ll have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and a lot of animals in my house!! Hehe…

But now, I only have a room (my bedroom) for him. I’m planning to let him have a wife after few months and I’ll start the breeding.

New Update on March 2006

March 22, 2006 at 3:06 pm | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment

What happened to me during March 2006:
1) I’ve encountered two joybidders at
2) College semester started
3) Acceptable progress in Japanese course – I’m eligible to take classes for higher level since I can recognise most of the Hiragana and some of the Katakana. That means I’m no longer required to take phonetic classes but elementary grammar.
4) I saw a doctor and he gave me a blood sugar test and a short ECG test. The reason of my dizziness and heart pain is unknown. He recommend me to local hospitals for a more complete medical check up.
5) I’ve joined the club that I never thought I’ll join – California Fitness (so-called Jackie Chan Club in Mid Valley Megamall). I’m planning to go there for gym and cardio workouts once or twice a week. Hope I’ll get a slimmer look and better body shape.
6) And finally…I have a new member for my room – my beloved Syrian hamster – Panda!


January 17, 2006 at 5:48 pm | Posted in Personal | 4 Comments

I hate travel with buses!!! Yup, I’m a person with no sense of direction. I’ll never know where I am and which way should I go.

Travelling with buses makes me confused and finally get fed up with them. I hate travel with buses to town centre. I swear I’ll never go there with buses anymore!!! Unless I’m forced to…

Japanese courses

January 17, 2006 at 10:08 am | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment

I’ve just signed up a Japanese course recently. Today is my first day of attending class.

There are four levels of study, which are JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) 4 to 1. Level 4 is the most basic whereas Level 1 is the most advanced level. Actually I wish to study until Level 1, but they don’t offer it for now because no one has ever requested to study until that level. So, what I can do is learn until Level 3 and maybe can think of submitting my request to the Vice Principle of the language centre.

I’m so exciting that I finally can have a chance to learn Japanese. I’m very interested in learning Japanese language as well as their culture. If I have a chance, I really wish to go to Japan for travel or even study!

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